Meet the Evo System™

An unobtrusive, wireless & affordable hospital patient monitoring system.

Evo System is not a commercially available device and is not CE certified

The Evo System

A new type of patient monitoring system, centered around novel, single-use, wireless vital sign sensors.

Novel vital sign sensors
Affordable, energy efficient, non-invasive sensors that measures vitals continuously for up to 5 days.
Improved outcomes
Net result is earlier intervention which leads to increased patient safety and possible cost reductions.

Today's Problem

Hospitals all over the world are facing the same problems when it comes to patient monitoring. We are determined to solve them.

Manual spot checks
Performing spot checks of vital signs is the conventional method for wards to observe patients' state. Every 8-12 hours nurses visit each patient and collect vital signs.
Manual EWS Scoring
The collected measurements are often scored on a paper-based early warning system (EWS). These systems are limited due to manual spot checks.
Manual entries in the EPJ
Manually collected, handwritten vital signs, along with manually calculated EWS scores, are then either scanned or entered manually into the electronic patient journal.
Late recognition of

Patient deterioration

Most of today's patients are unmonitored and are at risk of late recognition of deterioration.
Today’s methods results in extended periods where patients’ deterioration might go undetected.
Early detection is crucial to increase the chances of the patient's recovery.
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Our solution – Evo System™

An unobtrusive, wireless & affordable hospital patient monitoring system.

Evo Sensor
Wireless, non-invasive sensor placed behind the ear
Measures heart rate, respiratory rate, oxygen saturation and surface temperature
Single-use with a 5 day battery life
Transmits vital signs every 2 minutes
Evo Gateway
Relays data from Evo Sensors to the cloud
Connected via cellular or ethernet connection
Powered via mains line, with battery backup power
Integrated with third party blood pressure monitor
Evo Central
User friendly app for monitoring vital signs and patient history
Automatic NEWS scoring calculation
HL7 FHIR protocol for data transfer and integration with electronic patient journals
Available on iPad, iPhones or in a web browser
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Mobile NEWS Scoring
Observations is designed to be the cleanest and simplest NEWS scoring app. With an intuitive and swift input flow, the app quickly provides calculated scores along with their recommended clinical responses.
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