Continuous vital signs monitoring

An unobtrusive, wireless & affordable monitoring system



Detecting patient deterioration

Periodic measurements of basic vitals is important for accurately diagnosing patients and for detecting potentially life-threatening complications like sepsis and heart attacks.

Products for continuous vital monitoring are expensive and only available to ICU patients, leaving it up to nurses in the general ward to manually measure vitals.

Because ICUs are overbooked and nurses have too many patients to measure vitals multiple times per day, sepsis remains the number one reason patients die in the hospital outside the ICU.



Continuous monitoring

Instead of only relying on a few data points collected manually every 4 to 8 hours, our sensor measures essential vital signs continuously. 

Every 2 minutes the sensor collects HR, RRtemperature and SpO2, key indicators of the patient's general health. This gives caregivers a better understanding and foundation for making informed decisions. 

With a battery life of 5-6 days, a single charge is able to last for the duration of an average hospital stay.

Current prototype 

Current prototype - Placed on shoulder

Discreet and comfortable

The sensor has the form factor of a small patch and can easily be attached to the patient's upper arm.

Today's solutions for monitoring HR & SpO2 are often done using a finger probe with a wired connection to a bedside monitor. Our sensor can be placed at a less intrusive position, that is less likely to be accidentally removed or disturbed.



A complete system

Systen overview.png

Whether it is for use at the hospital or for monitoring at home, the sensors provide a seamless experience.  


Data analysis

Continuous collection of patient data also opens up new possibilities for advanced data analysis and innovative research. 

By combining techniques from recent advances in deep learning and machine learning, with a deep understanding of the human body, we're pursuing new insights into the cyclical processes the body experiences every day. 


Demo of current prototype




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