Our mission is to accelerate the transition to personalized medicine

Moon Labs is a technology company building state-of-the-art, easy-to-use monitoring tools that are developed in close cooperation with doctors, nurses, and patients – at a revolutionary price.

Healthcare technology is lagging behind
It is not an understatement to say that the technology available to an ordinary patient in 2020 is not up to par with the advancements seen in other industries.

With a population that is getting older, living longer, with an increasing number of chronic and lifestyle diseases, it has been clear for quite some time now that current practices for care will not suffice in the future. Hospitals will have to continuously operate at full capacity and, even so, still not be close to providing adequate care.

It is evident that modifications to our current practices, as well as significant improvements through the use of new technology, are needed to be able to keep our healthcare system afloat.
Designing tailor-made software & hardware solutions
At Moon Labs we care deeply about solving real problems
Moon Labs was started out of frustration for the current state of technology found in today's hospitals.

Starting with a problem rooted deep at the hospital, we have been hard at work, focusing on creating a scalable solution in collaboration with our partners.

We believe great solutions come from understanding the whole system, from input to output, from hardware to software. Our team is built to be able to create unified solutions that feel seamless in use.
Moon Labs is headquartered in Trondheim Norway, with an additional office in Oslo.
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