Evo System™
An unobtrusive, wireless & affordable patient monitoring system
Novel vital sign sensors
Affordable, energy efficient, non-invasive sensors that measures vitals continuously for up to 5 days.
Integrates with existing systems
Scalable platform that builds on HL7 FHIR to connect to electronic patient records.
Powerful tool—familiar methods
User friendly app for monitoring vital signs and patient history with automatic calculation of NEWS scores.
Improved outcomes
Net result is earlier intervention which leads to increased patient safety and cost reduction.
Evo sensor
Heart rate, respiratory rate, oxygen saturation and surface temperature
Discreet, non-invasive and disposable
Single-use with a 5 day battery life
Moon eDSP proprietary energyefficient on-device signal processing
How it works
Open Evo sensor packaging
The sensor automatically turns on and becomes discoverable by Evo Gateways.
Hold Evo next to Gateway
The Gateway blinks to indicate that the sensor has been assigned to the patient.
Place Evo behind patient's ear
Evo PPG is placed on the open area behind a patient’s ear. It is secured with a gentle medical grade adhesive.
Vital signs captured
every other minute
Captured vitals are transferred directly to the electronic patient journal (EPJ). In addition to existing systems, the collected monitoring data can also be viewed through the Evo Central application.
Evo Central
iPad & web application
Interface for following patients’ vitals over time and setting alarms
Centered around the NEWS early warning score system
Developed with feedback form 30+ nurses and doctors in Norway
Developed for iPad - also available on web
Evo Central makes it easy for doctors and nurses to track multiple patients' vital signs over time. It automatically calculates early warning scores such as NEWS, making it easier to determine if a patient's health is deteriorating.
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