A new kind of patient monitoring system

An affordable, wireless and wearable system for continuous monitoring
of vital signs in the hospital ward


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Continuous monitoring 

The system consists of two primary parts, a small wearable sensor on the patients arm, and a tablet application used by the clinicians.

The sensor captures four vital signs:


Leading indicators of patient state and wellbeing.


When a patient arrives at the hospital ward, the reusable sensor is placed on the patient's arm, secured in place by a disposable adhesive patch. 

The sensor starts providing vital sign data immediately after being connected to the patient. It will continue to record and transmit data for as long as it is connected to the patient.

With a battery life of 5 to 6 days, a single sensor is able to cover a normal hospital stays. 

Based on proven measurement methods, HR, RR & SpO2 are calculated by using light with different wavelength to illuminate the skin and measuring the body's response. Skin temperature is collected with a custom thermistor. 

Tablet application 

The tablet app gives clinicians both historical and realtime vital signs data from all the patients in their ward. Beyond showing interactive graphs and data, the software is able to detecting trends in the patients vital signs and inform the clinicians. This provides them with valuable insight and giving them a better foundation for making decisions.