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Meet the Evo System™

An unobtrusive, wireless & affordable hospital patient monitoring system.


Meet the Evo System™

An unobtrusive, wireless & affordable hospital patient monitoring system.


Evo Sensor

Evo Sensor™ is a small wireless, non-invasive, disposable biosensor that measures heart rate, respiration rate, and oxygen saturation continuously for up to 5 days. It is designed to sit comfortably behind the patient's ear for an extended period of time, without affecting sleep or rest.


Evo Gateway

Evo Gateway™ seamlessly and securely transmits data from Evo Sensors to the cloud. Equipped with a cellular connection and a battery backup you'll never miss a vital sign from your patients again. Evo Gateway talks FHIR and can be integrated directly with electronic patient journals.


Evo Central

Evo Central™ makes it easy for doctors and nurses to track multiple patients' vital signs over time. It automatically calculates early warning scores such as NEWS, making it easy to determine if a patient's health is deteriorating.


The problem

Periodic measurements of basic vital signs are essential for accurately diagnosing patients and for detecting potentially life-threatening complications like sepsis and heart attacks. In the general ward, nurses spend hours manually measuring these vitals - yet patients are only monitored 3% of the time they are admitted.

Early warning scoring systems such as NEWS are becoming more and more adopted by hospitals because they have proven to increase patient safety. But because they require frequent vital signs measurements to work correctly, nurses are getting an even heavier workload. Not only is this costly and inefficient, but it also leads to less time with patients.

With the increase in life expectancy and the number of patients over 70 years old, this situation is unsustainable for the future.

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Increased Patient Safety

More frequent monitoring of basic vital signs is known to lower mortality and thereby increase patient safety. By having a full history, it is much easier for doctors and nurses to track changes over time and set a data-driven diagnosis.

Cost Saving

Catching health deterioration earlier means reducing the number of nights patients have to spend at the hospital on average. In a world where hospital beds are at a premium, this is both saving cost and increasing operational efficiency.

More Time with Patients

We are removing tedious manual tasks like performing spot measurements, cleaning medical devices and manually writing down the results in a patient's journal. That gives nurses more time to talk and listen to patients.




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